NOWACO in India (Global Impex)

NOWACO in India started business in July 2006. The office identifies importers/distributors in India and Middle East and develops the market for various frozen products dealt by NOWACO.

Business areas:

The Indian office is mainly involved in sourcing and inspecting buffalo meat cuts, seafood, fresh eggs, sugar, sesame seeds, cashew nuts and dried products from India.

Photo of Sangam  Sheth
Sangam Sheth
General Manager - Global Impex
+91 22 4044 8055
Mobile: +91 98 6715 8139
Photo of Harish S.  Budhwani
Harish S. Budhwani
Operations Manager
+91 22 4044 8056
Mobile: +91 99 6736 3509
Photo of Ashlesha Rakesh  Desai
Ashlesha Rakesh Desai
Export Manager
+91 22 4044 8059
Mobile: +91 98 3364 8083
Photo of Masood  Ahmed
Masood Ahmed
Sales Manager
+91 22 4044 8080
Mobile: +968 9320 0533
Photo of Tanuja  Parhawk
Tanuja Parhawk
HR & Administration Manager
+91 22 4044 8051
Photo of Priyanka  Mehra
Priyanka Mehra
Asst. Export Manager
+91 22 4044 8054
Photo of Shipra  Ghosh
Shipra Ghosh
Asst. Export Manager
+91 22 4044 8058
Mobile: +91 22 3344 0130
Photo of Smita  Joshi
Smita Joshi
Asst. Export Manager
+91 22 4044 8057
Photo of Sumathy  Natarajan
Sumathy Natarajan
Asst. Export Manager
+91 22 4044 3761
Photo of Renuka  Parihar
Renuka Parihar
Asst. Export Manager
+91 22 4044 3752

We make you feel goods!

The ability alone to buy and sell food and foodstuffs at the best prices doesn't make you a winner in the area of food trading. What you really need to know is where on Earth to find the right customer for exactly the goods that you want to sell. Or maybe it is the other way around? You have the buyers but you need the goods.


NOWACO is represented with offices and our own employees everywhere on the globe where it matters. Over the years we have built a strong and worldspanning network of associates, partners and representatives, thus gaining an ever updated knowledge of the business fields that we cultivate.

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As we continuously expand our activities, we are always looking for talented new colleagues and welcome unsolicited applications. 
Please send your application and CV to your local NOWACO office or to the NOWACO HR Department in Denmark.

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