Leading the flock

As you may know, sheep have a strong instinct to follow the sheep in front of them. When one sheep decides to do something, the rest usually follows - even if it is a bad decision. For NOWACO, going into the lamb and mutton business has not been a bad decision. Always expanding our product line is an essential part of our customer service. It creates a dynamic atmosphere and requires us to always be on the top of our game. This is especially important in a line of work like ours.

Counting sheep

Being raised on the clean, green pastures of Australia and New Zealand, both sheep and lambs live a healthy life, which makes for tender and succulent meat. The humane processing and the open range lifestyle provides a stress free existence for the animals and full-flavoured, top quality meat.

With the recent establishment of our Australian office, we are located in a prime area for the lamb and mutton trade. Australia is the largest supplier of sheep meat to the world. Second is New Zealand. It could not be better.

A worldwide delicacy

Here at NOWACO, we try our hardest to sell every part of the animal, which means we deliver to all sorts of industries. Our wide range of cuts suit all markets - and are priced accordingly. Although most of our trade is to the Middle East, lamb and mutton is consumed on nearly every continent. Lamb is central in many iconic dishes around the world. In Greece, it is grilled on skewers and stuffed into pitas with a classic yogurt sauce, it is a popular choice of meat in Mongolian barbecue, and in Australia, leg of lamb roast is considered the national dish.

Lamb is truly fitting for all plates, from 5 star restaurant dinners to home cooked meals, while mutton is the perfect element for many traditional meals such as curries and stroganoff.




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Trading - Far East

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Sales Director
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Trading - Middle East

Sangam Sheth
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Trading - Adriatic-Balkan

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Trading - Africa

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Trading - Russia and CIS

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Area Manager
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Trading - South America

Domenica de Alves
Director / General Manager
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We make you feel goods!

The ability alone to buy and sell food and foodstuffs at the best prices doesn't make you a winner in the area of food trading. What you really need to know is where on Earth to find the right customer for exactly the goods that you want to sell. Or maybe it is the other way around? You have the buyers but you need the goods.


NOWACO is represented with offices and our own employees everywhere on the globe where it matters. Over the years we have built a strong and worldspanning network of associates, partners and representatives, thus gaining an ever updated knowledge of the business fields that we cultivate.

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