A slice of the wild

India has the largest cattle head in the world. Due to religious reasons, the slaughter of cows has been banned, but instead with 50% of the world’s buffalo population, India has become one of the largest exporters of buffalo meat. Buffalo meat is quite cheap, the animals are raised on open grasslands and graze on natural grass, it is flavourful and leaner than beef. What is not to like?

A growing business

Buffalo meat is a one of the fastest growing businesses in the meat industry. It is comparable to beef and also the cheapest red meat in the world - two attributes that make buffalo meat extremely attractive to our connections in the Middle East, Africa, and Far East Asia.

When we opened our first office in India, our main objective was to establish relationships with reliable local exporters and to service customers in the Middle East. After achieving this, we decided to open a department dedicated to trading buffalo meat to the African and Chinese markets. In a single year, buffalo exports increased by 50%.

We mainly export frozen fore quarters and hind cuts, but try our best to sell all parts of the buffalo. This is done through existing brands, but also under our very own NOWACO brand.

Quality equals quantity

It is very important to us that our products are of the highest standard possible. This is why NOWACO has recruited knowledgable and experienced Quality Inspectors - to ensure the highest quality of the products we export. Our Quality Inspectors are responsible for defrosting samples and examining the quality of our products before being shipped. They also inspect factories to secure that the meat is first-class before being processed. It does not have to be a choice between quality or quantity. At NOWACO, we make certain you can get both.



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Trading - Far East

Annette Jacobsen
Sales Director
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Tom Leth Jensen
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Trading - Middle East

Sangam Sheth
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Trading - Adriatic-Balkan

Rozmari Georgievska Klaric
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Trading - Africa

Mikkel Egelund Hanghøj
Sales Director
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Trading - Europe

Peter Fisker Olesen
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Trading - Russia and CIS

Yulia Westarp
Area Manager
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Trading - South America

Domenica de Alves
Director / General Manager
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+55 11 9 8762 0357

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The ability alone to buy and sell food and foodstuffs at the best prices doesn't make you a winner in the area of food trading. What you really need to know is where on Earth to find the right customer for exactly the goods that you want to sell. Or maybe it is the other way around? You have the buyers but you need the goods.


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