Ever tried to get more than you bargained for? Our customers experience this again and again in a positive manner. We just can't keep it to ourselves, when we see a chance of synergy between your demands and the demands of other customers.

NOWACO trades in foods and food products, mainly frozen meat, fish, and vegetables, but also fresh meats, dairy products and dried fruits, nuts and seeds. We deliver raw materials and semi-manufactured products for all stages of the food processing industry and also bulk packed products for wholesalers and for the HoReCa segment worldwide.

You Cube

Cubical, spherical and rectangular food products - chicken cubes to Saudi Arabia and fish sticks to England. What you want is what you get! Together with partners in the food proces-
sing industry we develop and produce highly speci-
fied products - in precisely the weight and size you ask for.

The outcome of many of our handmade products is 20 % higher, than it would be if the products were manufactured by machines.

It goes without saying that before delivering raw materials to food manufacturers our quality control is crucial.

Some of our customers deliver food products to the biggest brands in the world, and we live up to any expectations they may have. The task of quality control is possible due to our widespread location of offices enabling us to inspect the goods locally before shipment.

We make you feel goods!

The ability alone to buy and sell food and foodstuffs at the best prices doesn't make you a winner in the area of food trading. What you really need to know is where on Earth to find the right customer for exactly the goods that you want to sell. Or maybe it is the other way around? You have the buyers but you need the goods.


NOWACO is represented with offices and our own employees everywhere on the globe where it matters. Over the years we have built a strong and worldspanning network of associates, partners and representatives, thus gaining an ever updated knowledge of the business fields that we cultivate.

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As we continuously expand our activities, we are always looking for talented new colleagues and welcome unsolicited applications. 
Please send your application and CV to your local NOWACO office or to the NOWACO HR Department in Denmark.

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